Hill Country Cabinet Shop, Inc

Hill Country Cabinets was founded in 1973 by T.K. and Doug Flowers. Since it's beginning it has been family owned and operated in the beautiful Texas Hill Country in Spring Branch. Now with the addition of a third generation, Brent Flowers, Hill Country Cabinets is maintaining it's history of family business for years to come. Throughout it's history "The Cabinet Shop" has been involved in every major surge and growth of the greater San Antonio residential construction market. Hill Country Cabinet Shop has created custom cabinets for the most discerning homeowners and builders in all of the elite developments in the San Antonio and surrounding areas to include homes built as far away as Austin and Houston. We are truly a Texas Hill Country tradition. Our commitment to our customers and dedication to quality are unmatched and our reputation for going beyond is what separates us from the rest.
                         Our Process
Prices are based on cabinet designs and type of wood desired.

After the initial estimate is completed based on blueprints or customer design we will go to the job-site to verify measurements and make recommendations if changes are necessary. This can be done with or without homeowner or builder present.

Once measurements are confirmed a design technician will draw the cabinets using a drafting program giving a rendering of cabinets and measurements.

A design meeting usually occurs after this to finalize all design requirements including finishes. If significant changes are made there may be a price change up or down at this point but no work will begin until the cabinets are to the satisfaction of the customer with a price agreed upon. Any additional changes after this point are subject to alter price.

Once the homeowner has given their approval of all drawings we will begin construction in the shop. The cabinets will be cut out using our CNC machine, assembled and finished in the same facility.

 Once construction is complete we can deliver and install (if requested) your cabinets into your new or existing home. After the installation is complete we will do a walk through with the homeowner and builder to verify that all cabinets are structurally sound and all hardware functions properly. At the completion of the project we will do a final check to verify that no cabinets have been damaged prior to move in.

                             The Shop

Our facility has been in the same location since it's founding in 1973. Over the years we have grown and changed with the times, what once was a few craftsmen with wood and tools has turned into a large facility with craftsmen and computers. All of our cabinets our designed using CabinetVision software and cut out using a Biesse CNC router to maximize material usage, passing those savings along to our customers. All of our cabinets are fitted and assembled by hand and inspected for flaws at each stage of the construction process. Once they are assembled they will be finished in a top of the line spray booth designed for automotive finishing, this provides a completely sanitary environment to achieve the highest level of finish possible.

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